mask for KOH etching

Yahong Yao yyao at
Mon Sep 24 20:42:09 PDT 2001

Dear All,

Recently, I always met problems when I conducted the KOH through wafer
etching.  Film stack is: Nitride (4000A)/PolySi(3000A)/Nitride(4000A).
Backside has the same stack.  I opened the backside for KOH etching.
Front side is covered by Nitride (no KOH openings).  After two hours KOH
etching, the front side had a lot of blisters.  It seems Nitride was
broken therefore the underlying PolySi was etched rapidly and worsened
the situation.   More interesting thing was when I didn't open the
backside, just threw a wafer with film stack in KOH, after two hours,
the front side was good.  No blisters were observed.

I tried different Nitride recipe: LONH378 and NITRIDE2.  Both had the
problem.  I changed to TMAH solution, problem was still there.  Any
suggestion?  Thank you in advance.

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