WBGen Comments

Mohammed H. Badi mbadi at relgyro.stanford.edu
Mon Oct 15 00:05:23 PDT 2001

Hi all,
  I noticed two things this weekend that I wanted to write to everyone about.
The first is that someone broke a thermometer and then left the pieces on the
table across from the bench.  This is completely unacceptable.  If you break
the thermometer you should dispose of it properly and let Uli know what
happened.  You're not going to get in trouble -- things break all the time.
That's just part of working in a lab.  But please clean up after yourself.
   The second thing is that there is a switch on the upper left of the bench
labelled: "Do Not Turn Off."  PLEASE, PLEASE, Please don't turn it off.  If
you do, all power to the bench is lost.  This means that the hot plates stop
working and the CTB loses power.  So if someone has a process going on, it
could be ruined.  The switch automatically goes off when nothing on the bench
is enabled.  Thus you may sometimes have to turn it ON.  But if things are
enabled that switch should stay on and please don't turn it off. 

Mohammed Badi
mbadi at snf

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