Problem wbgen-hpr SNF 2008-06-07 11:43:20: PRX127 fire at wbgen-hpr .....

shott at shott at
Sat Jun 7 11:43:21 PDT 2008

Yes, that's correct: fire!  This morning, probably near 10 a.m. Senyo found that his PRX127 was on fire.  With the help of Cesar Baxter and Aaron Gibby, they were able to quickly extinguish it by covering the beaker.  There is no visible damage that I can see .... but lucky that folks were near by and that the fire was extinguished quickly and without incident.
Apparently, before the PRX127 was actually placed on the hot plate, the plate was turned on "pretty high".  I'm guessing to 6 ...
and then it was turned down and he put the chemicals on.
What is the maximum temperature of chemicals that are used there?  Is there ever a reason to turn the hot plate to 6?  The easiest thing to do would be to make a new limit disk that only aallowed the temperature to be turned up to, for example, 4.
It probably also makes sense to know what surface temperature we see at various settings.
We should also explore alternative hot places.  While it may be tricky to find one with remote controls and a 10" size, I know that there are hot plates with better ability to control maximum temperature of the plate.
In any event, I think that we need to review our practices and engineering controls at our hot pots.

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