Problem wbgen-hpr SNF 2012-12-09 13:33:21: Beaker broke with chemicals on hot plate

calarrudo at calarrudo at
Sun Dec 23 09:32:07 PST 2012

The beaker that I had poured EKC-265 Post Etch Remover slipped out of my hands, hit the hot plate and broke into multiple pieces.  I cleaned up the spill, rinsed all areas that had the EKC-265.  I pulled the hot 
plate out of the opening and rinsed and aspirated any residual 
Please use the hot plate with caution because it may still be damp.
I double bagged any wipes then placed in double yellow hazardous
 waste bags and put a hazardous wasted tag on the bag.  i put the 
empty EKC bottle and the hazardous yellow bags in the pass through  for empty chemicals.
Sorry for any inconvience I may have caused anyone.

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