Mary Tang mtang at snf.stanford.edu
Thu May 24 10:35:17 PDT 2001

I need to get this off my chest:

1.  Please don't make policy changes!  If something isn't to your
liking, ask one of the Staff...  The KOH quartzware was found outside
its clean roll-around storage box and relabelled "Gold Contaminated."
Quartzware is made out of quartz (duh) and is darned expensive and
darned hard to work with (I just returned from Turkey, where I learned
that processing of quartz tiles was historically given over to the
elderly because the life expectancy of quartz workers was so low).  If
you need gold-contaminated glassware, use pyrex, which is a heck of a
lot cheaper (yes, it contains sodium, but if you are working with
gold-contaminated materials, it shouldn't matter -- contact Staff about
ordering it.)  A great debt of appreciation to Eric, who decontaminated
the quartzware.

2.  Please clean up after yourselves!  Put away clean, dry glassware
before placing wet glassware on the table.  This will provide more room
to work.  If glassware is broken, throw it away in the "Sharps" box
(more on this later.)  Try to minimize the amount of personalized
glassware at this station -- everything is considered gold-contaminated
here (except for stuff stored inside the "Clean" roll-around box.)
Heck, I've no qualms about using someone else's labeled glassware if I
need a container of a specific size -- and although I do respect
someone's "No Metals" labels, I'm darned sure many other people DON'T.
If you're really concerned about contamination of your glassware, store
it away from wbgeneral (ask Staff if you need extra space.)

Whew!  Better now.


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