Wet Bench Requalification...

Mary Tang mtang at snf.stanford.edu
Thu May 31 08:56:58 PDT 2001

Hello all --

I've been inundated with emails regarding the wet bench tests!  And yes,
indeed, the new policy is that the "Multi-Wet Bench" test DOES cover
wbsilicide, wbnonmetal, and wbdiff.  Only wbgeneral has its own test.

(My apologies for the misinformation in the last email -- I was on
vacation when the policy change was made and was thus clueless.  There
are still individual tests for each wet bench -- and I invite you all to
at least take a look at them [I see there's going to be a rush to Uli's
now - yeah, right].  Future users WILL have to take these individual
tests in addition to the Multi-Wet Bench test -- so lucky you!)

By the way, Uli says that very few people are filling out the section
correctly on what to write on the "blue cards" for the wbgeneral test.
This is probably because the operating procedures are not explicit (but,
rather, implicit) on this subject.  The purpose of the blue cards is to
let everyone know what chemicals are being used.  The policy is to use
chemical names, rather than jargon (like "BOE" or "Piranha") because
everyone should know what nasties they've just poured into a beaker, and
because some jargon just doesn't cut it ("Resist Stripper" -- yes,
haven't we all seen this?)  No, people are not going to be failed on the
test because of this -- BUT, make sure your blue cards are correct at
wbgeneral (you are forewarned!)


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