etch rate of oxide by HF

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Wed Jun 9 09:20:59 PDT 2004


According to a plot that I find on page 265 of Runyan and Bean
(Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Processing Technology), I read off the
following points based on the volume percentage of 49% HF in water:

Volume Percentage    Etch Rate (A/sec)
2                                    1.3
5                                    3
10                                  6
16                                10
20                                15
30                                25

Note: These are etch rates for undoped thermal SiO2.  Undensified deposited
oxide, heavily phosphorus doped oxide, etc. will etch significantly faster.

Also note that these numbers we taken from my interpolations of a log-log
plot and, as a result, may not be precise.



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> Hi,
> Does anyone have data about the etch rate of Si-oxide as a function of HF
> concentration? I am looking especially in the 10% HF - 30% HF range (not a
> buffered solution).
> Thanks all,
> Matthieu

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