Unknown chemical at wbgeneral

Mary Tang mtang at snf.stanford.edu
Mon Jul 11 07:13:39 PDT 2005

Thanks Yoav --

I appreciate your note and understand your situation.  Please 
understand, though, that when you have enabled the bench, you are 
responsible for it during that time.  It is important to be aware of the 
other activities on the bench, so that any misunderstanding and any 
safety situations can be avoided.  By the same token, anyone using the 
bench either should enabled, so you know who they are from Coral.  On 
stations where several people can share at the same time (for example, 
wbnonmetal and wbdiff wet benches), anyone else using the bench should 
inform/ask the person who has enabled that tool.  I'm sorry that we put 
the burden on the person enabling a tool, but Coral is the only way we 
have of tracking equipment use. 

Please realize that this person violated an important, basic safety rule 
(not labeling chemicals) and also took advantage of your good nature by 
using your "enable" time without asking.  In the big scheme of things, 
this was not serious (the chemical was likely water), but this is also 
something we need to follow up on.  If you have any idea who this person 
is, let me know and I will have a chat with him or her. 

Thanks again,


Yoav Banin wrote:

>When I arrived at the bench at about 3:00pm, I saw the beaker with a pair of
>tweezers in it in the sink.
>I had been using the bench from about 3:00 or 3:30pm until about 6:00pm or
>6:30pm.  During that time, I stepped away from the bench for a little
>while.  While I was away, I saw someone else working at the bench.  When I
>came back to the bench to put away all my stuff, I saw it on the bench
>without the tweezers.  I thought it may have belonged to the person who had
>been working at the bench before.
>Quoting Li-Wen Chang <lwchang at stanford.edu>:
>>When I came to use the bench this morning about 9:30, the telfon beaker
>>unknown liquid and a pair of chemical resistant gloves were left there.
>>So I just let Uli know the situation.
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>>>It wasn't there when I was using the bench, and when I finished with
>>>it I left everything picked up, cleaned up, and dry.  I put away
>>>someone else's beaker too.  This unknown beaker came along after I
>>>was done.
>>>--- Mary Tang <mtang at snf.stanford.edu> wrote:
>>>>Help --
>>>>There is a large plastic/teflon beaker containing an unknown liquid
>>>>wbgeneral.  It is not labeled with a blue card.  This must have
>>>>sometime yesterday or today.  Whoever did this, please take care of
>>>>right away, or at the very least, inform us what the chemical is,
>>>>that we can handle it appropriately.  Or, if you know anything
>>>>this, please let us know.
>>>>If no one gets back to me by the end of today, I'll have no choice
>>>>to impose the my favorite, traditional punishment on everyone who
>>>>enabled the bench over the time in question.  Remember, even if the
>>>>beaker is NOT yours, but you enabled/used the bench knowing it was
>>>>there, you are responsible as well -- if only for safety's sake,
>>>>should always be aware of what other chemical processes are going
>>>>on at
>>>>this bench before you use it.  (My favorite punishment, for those
>>>>interested, is to come up with a question that is suitable [I
>>>>really do
>>>>mean "suitable" - not a "stupid" one] for us to use on the safety
>>>>either at wbgeneral in this case, or for SNF safety.)
>>>>Thanks for your attention -
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