Using the wbnitride spin dryer

Nancy Latta latta at
Mon Apr 17 10:53:13 PDT 2000


I am the person who originally posted the message about using the
wbnitride spin dryer for wbmetal work.  If you are going to use the
wbnitride spin dryer for wafers sensitive to metal contamination, it is
highly recommended that you run the dryer with an empty cassette in it for
a full rinse/dry cycle.

The thinking is that this is not a heated process and any work going into
a metal-free mainline piece of equipment will go though the full pre-diff
clean (including the HCl/H2O2 step).  The rinsing of the dryter with fresh
DI is to clean it out even further.

Sorry for any confusion caused by the signage,


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