Wetbench habits

Robin King robinhmb at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 16 20:34:09 PST 2007

Things seem to be getting bad around the wetbenches lately.  
Today at wbnonmetal, dried ammonium flouride crystals from HF BOE
were all over half the bench, including, quite dangerously, the cache
of cassette handles.  

Yesterday I needed the PRS1000, and not only were there droplets all
around the bench but someone had used that clean bath as a PR
stripper (bath was discolored).  So, I had take time out to clean up
the hot pot before using it.

The day before, there were HF crystal the size of snowballs!

These things are happening with increasing frequency.  I don't know
the reason for it but someone is going to get hurt some day, not to
mention destroying other lab users' processes through contamination.

Please be careful, and if you see someone making a mistake please
politely correct them and explain why.  Thanks. 

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