wbnitride dump rinse

Amol Ramesh Joshi amol at stanford.edu
Tue Nov 7 09:51:50 PST 2000

	Hi Jim,

	wbnitride dump rinser has a note saying that it is probably gold
contaminated. The note is dated Nov. 1. There is only one dump rinser on
wbnitride. Where should I do the dump rinse after nitride etch? I will
hate to do it at wbnonmetal with H3PO4 dripping during the journey. If the
dump rinser is contaminated, what about H3PO4 pot and the spin dryer? I do
not see any problem reported on Coral. Does it mean that problem has been
taken care of? Users have not been informed about contamination/cleaning.
Such instances have become frequent recently.


	- Amol

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