Problem wbnonmetal 2001-01-18 15:47:19: left dump riser not working

franklin at franklin at
Thu Jan 18 03:47:19 PST 2001

The left dump rinser is not cycling properly, when press start it simply stays full and doesn't drain.
Also the nanostrip bath on the right did not strip my wafers, even at 55deg C.  I suspect a change is needed, but since this is a new stripper I didn't do it plus the neutralization system probably wouldn't like it quite yet.  I also have a question about the temperature setting on the nanostrip.  The working temp is set to 55C but the high limit is also set to 55C.  So when you heat up hyour wafers the systems starts to alarm once it reaches 55C.  I tried adjusting the alarm temp myself, but was unable to.  

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