New stripper at wbnonmetal!

Nancy Latta latta at
Tue Dec 12 11:00:41 PST 2000


We'd like you help in testing out a new positive photoresist stripper
called Nanostrip.  It is a stabilized alternative to H2SO4/H2O2 which is
cleaner (0.07 vs 0.42 voltage shift according to the manufacturer's
information), safer and less expensive that the solution we have been

What does it mean to you?

	You will no longer have to mix sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide
into the bath.

	*You will no longer need to add H2O2 to the bath because it will
not boil away.  In fact, please do not add H2O2 as it made create a
hazardous condition.

	*The bath will run at a safer temp- 45C vs 120C.

	*Put wafers into the bath dry.  The manufacturer suggests this.

We need you help and feedback in evaluating the effectivenss of this new

The right hand bath only is filled with Nanostrip.  The left hand bath is 
still the standard H2SO4/H2O2.

Please fill in the logsheet near the Nanostrip bath.  It asks for
information about how many wafers you stripped and how effective the
stripper was.  We are trying to determine the approximate lifetime of the

Please tell us on the log if your resist has been stsetched, implanted and
what thickness of resist you have.

We welcome any comments you have with regard to Nanostrip.  

The manufacturer's technical sheets are available upon request.

Thanks for your help,

			Nancy and Jaime

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