Changes at Nonmetal Wetbench

Nancy Latta latta at
Tue May 8 11:35:43 PDT 2001


Due to popular demand, we have removed the Nanostrip from the right hand
hot pot and replaced it with sulfuric acid hydrogen peroxide (piranha). 
The operating temp has been increased to 120C  The right hand and left
hand hotpots are now identical.

Please note the the temp to drain either of the hot pots has been
increased to 70C in an effort to decrease the amount of time needed to
cool down to dump temp.

The acid supply cart, or pass-through, will no longer stock Nanostrip. 
That space has been changed back to sulfuric acid.  Nanostrip will be
kept in the stckroom and is available by special request.  It may be
used at wbgeneral or wbgaas.

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