Oh what a wonderful mess it was!

Hector Cavazos hector at nanodevices.com
Wed Jan 30 12:57:57 PST 2002

1.  Sulfuric/peroxide on the bench deck
2.  HF crystals on the bench deck
3.  A lot of crud floating in the left sulfuric/peroxide hot pot

Fortunately the crud in the hot pot was big sheets of photoresist... Even
though the pot was up to temp, 127C, it took some peroxide to do away with

This lab is becomming more dangerous... we ALL need to take more
responsibility before danger strikes and shuts this place down.

-Concerned fab boy

ps - it took more time for me to come out of the fab and write this email
(even though I was told to by an SNF staff member) than it did to just clean

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