Non-Metal Cassettes

Mohammed H. Badi mbadi at
Tue Jun 10 10:46:52 PDT 2003

I'm sure they look great on your mantle at home.  They would probably impress
the girlfriend or husband if you gave them as a birthday present.  And no
doubt your parents would be both shocked AND awed if you sent one to them and
told them that the cassette were once in hydrofluoric acid.  I'll admit that
I, too, have had dreams of my very own nonmetal cassette with which to take
late afternoon strolls, read bedtime stories, and share my problems. 

But...WE NEED THEM BACK!  There are only three nonmetal cassettes left at the
bench.  This makes it very difficult when multiple people are trying to
work at the same time.

So please bring them back.  


mbadi at snf

Mohammed H. Badi			21200/22450(9) CVC

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