What a MESS!!!

Spotworthy at aol.com Spotworthy at aol.com
Fri Apr 30 09:07:39 PDT 2004

When I came in this morning, another user mentioned that he found the deck of the wbnonmetal covered with acid drips.  When I went to use the bench I was appalled at the number of brown acid drips all around the right dump rinser that were not there yesterday afternoon.  How anyone could not SEE that they had dripped a HUGE amount of sulfuric acid on the bench is beyond my comprehension.  I have also, on many occasions, found the bench by the 6:1 BOE covered with dried ammonium flouride from BOE drips that were not cleaned up.  PLEASE rinse and dry your chemical drips. Whoever last used the bench late Thursday or early Friday morning, you left a BIG MESS that other folks had to clean up this morning.  In the future, please be more considerate and clean up after yourself.

Linda W.

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