Spin drying 250um wafers

Jocelyn Nee jocelyn.nee at lightconnect.com
Thu Feb 12 13:04:28 PST 2004

In the past, I've done 300um (they do just fine by themselves) and 100um
at UC Berkeley.  For 100um thick wafers, had to place normal dummy
wafers surrounding the thin wafer for them to survive.  I think for
250um thick wafers, if you do the same thing they most likely will not
break.  Jocelyn

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We have processed 250um thick wafers, with a bunch of large holes in
them to
boot, and they did generally survive spin drying, although can
break. It also obviously depends on the spin speed and how well balanced
particular SRD is.


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...have not tried 250, but I know for a fact that 100um wafers DO
turn into glitter if you put them in the SRDers.

On Thu, 12 Feb 2004, Nancy Latta wrote:

> Folks,
> Have any of you used a spin dryer to rinse/spin wafers which are 250um
> thick?  I am asking because there is a potential labmember who would
> like to do this and I do not want to turn the wafers into 'glitter'.
> Thanks for you thoughts,
> -Nancy

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