WB NONMETAL left in horrible state

Hemanth Jagannathan jhemanth at stanford.edu
Tue May 2 19:05:01 PDT 2006

Dear Users,

	Just wanted to send out an e-mail about the poor state of
wbnonmetal. This is directed more to the users who left the wetbech without
cleaning it. I found lots BOE crystals on wbnonmetal yesterday morning that
I cleaned up and today evening I found lots of piranha drops all over the
wetbech leaving horrible brown spots all over the wetbench. Please make sure
that you clean up after using the wetbenches. Also it took quite a bit of
work to blow the water away using the N2 gun. I think the filter in the N2
gun needs replacement.


Hemanth Jagannathan 
PhD Candidate 
Department of Electrical Engineering 
Stanford University, CA 

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