some slob has splashed 6:1 BOE all over

John Shott shott at
Sat May 17 17:27:11 PDT 2008

wbnonmetal community:

Linda has written this up as a comment on wbnonmetal .... but the 
comments only go out to the folks on the wbnonmetal-pcs list and it 
seems as if it is important to pass this on to all wbnonmetal users:

> someone has left the lid open and there are dried ammonium fluoride crystals all over the edge of the bath and the top of the deck. For pete's sake people!  Please clean up after yourselves!
Linda is 100% correct to be grumpy about this:

Not only is it inconsiderate to leave a mess at any wet bench, but it 
represents a real safety hazard to EVERYONE that comes close to that 
bench.  We simply cannot have chemicals containing hydrofluoric acid and 
ammonium fluoride left on the decks like this .... somebody is going to 
get hurt if we can't do a better job that this.

Every wet bench should be completely clean and dry when you leave it.  
No excuses and no exceptions!

Thanks for you attention to this important matter,


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