BOE (6:1) bath has some issues....

Sangmoo Jeong popomoo at
Sun Dec 9 15:39:25 PST 2012

Dear wbnonmetal folks

Some of you might notice that BOE(6:1) bath has some issue.
Whenever I tried to use the bath in the morning, there were lots of white stuff around and over it.
The white stuff is crystallized powder of HF.

It happened almost every day for the last two weeks.
There are two possible reasons.

1) The bath, itself, might vomit the acid from the inside to the outside at night (when no one is around).

2) Some users are a very little bit careless to use the bath and they might spill some acid.

If you see the case like "1)", please report it to the staff asap.
In addition, please use the bath carefully and rinse the bath after your process.

Have a good Sunday.



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