[wbnonmetal] Attention: Conserve Sulfuric Acid at wbnonmetal

Mary Tang mtang at stanford.edu
Fri Nov 29 11:03:46 PST 2013

Dear wbnonmetal users --

Please do not change the sulfuric acid in the piranha pots unless 
absolutely necessary.  The change frequency should be once each five 
days.  Please do not exceed this.  The AWN system is running very low on 
alkali used to neutralize acids.  Draining a piranha pot uses the most 
alkali of any operation.  If we run out of alkali, the AWN system will 
go down and the ALL the acid wet benches will go down. If we conserve, 
we should make it to Monday morning, when the new shipment of alkali 

Thanks for your attention --


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