Problem wbsilicide SNF 2008-04-26 15:00:56: wafer lost drainage did not work

shott at shott at
Sun Apr 27 10:14:47 PDT 2008

I've extracted your wafers from the hot pot at wbsilicide.  As they were in the cassette labeled Gold Contaminated and there was an empty teflon cassette in the dump rinser also labeled Gold Contaminated, I placed your wafers in that cassette and have left them sitting in water in the dump rinser.  I did not want to do anything to try to dry them.
While I'm still looking around, the aspirator seemed to work for me to allow me to drain the sulfuric/peroxide from the hot pot.  Although I cannot tell what the temperature is, there is an interlock on the aspirator that prevents the aspirator from turning on if the acid in the hot pot is too hot.  Was the hot pot at something close to 120 degrees C when you tried to empty it?  If so, this is likely why it would not drain for you.  I think that the maximum temperature at which the acid can be drained with an aspirator is either 50 or 80 degrees C ....
In any event, your wafers are sitting in water in a cassette in the dump rinser at wbsilicide.
Happy processing,

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