Wet Bench Use Poll

beckwith at cis.Stanford.EDU beckwith at cis.Stanford.EDU
Tue Apr 29 15:11:58 PDT 2003

My job changes from day to day, student to student. Who knows
if I might need a "silicide" wet bench some day.

Having said that, at the present it seems like another wbdiff
category bench would benefit everyone. Gee, just think, no more
fights at wbdiff, you could just go to wbdiff2 and clean your
wafers there. This really is a major hang up for pre-diff cleaning. 
Since you can't tell in advance how long you will have to wait 
to clean your wafers you are always at the mercy of an unknown
number of people. Once, while I was standing around waiting, the
person in front of me contaminated one of the hot pots. Kiss off
the rest of the day.

My vote goes for cleaning up wbsilicide. But then, where will the
KOH clean up go?


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