wbdiff problems

Mary Tang mtang at stanford.edu
Sun Feb 18 23:39:29 PST 2007

Labmembers --

Our deepest apologies -- It looks like wbdiff is having a heck of a time 
this weekend (as well as a number of labmembers).  Although it is not 
shutdown, please do not try to use the HCl pot or the HF dump rinser at 

Instead, wbsilicide can be used for diffusion cleans -- BUT ONLY IF IT 
IS FIRST DECONTAMINATED.  Instructions for decontamination are listed on 
the Coral problem note for wbsilicide.  If the next person who needs a 
diffusion clean could do this decontamination (and write it up on Coral, 
so that no one uses it for non-diff clean processing), he/she would earn 
the gratitude of many labmembers - and a lunch on me.

Again, on behalf of the staff, our apologies --


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