wbsilicide update ....

John Shott shott at stanford.edu
Sun Apr 27 10:40:52 PDT 2008

wbsilicide community:

Yesterday Markus (buchimax) had some wafers float out of his cassette in 
the leftmost hot pot at wbsilicide.  Those wafers have been rescued and 
are currently sitting in a cassette in the dump rinser until he has a 
chance to recover them.  If you are using that bench, please do not 
disturb his wafers .... if you need to use the dump rinser, please pull 
out his cassette and carefully set it on cleanroom paper in the hood.

You will also notice that all hot pots have been emptied .... this was 
required to safely rummage around underneath the deck.  You are, 
however, welcome to refill and use any or all hot pots at that bench 
with the appropriate chemicals.

Happy processing,


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