Organic Clean Changed

Nancy Latta nlatta at
Fri Jul 22 17:03:33 PDT 2011

Dear Wbsilicide Users,

Please be advised that the organic clean bath (4:1 sulfuric peroxide) 
has been permanently changed to 5:1:1 H2O:H2O2;NH4OH.
The bath must be changed every four hours and the addition of H2O2 is 
allowed, much the same as the 5:1:1 H2O;H2O2:HCl bath.  The bath 
temperature is 50C and the time remains 10 minutes.

There are several very good reasons for the change; 1) safety, 2) better 
quality clean, 3) sulfur contamination of nanowires and  4) lower 
chemical costs and on-site inventory.

Look for the forthcoming white paper on the wiki.  It will include 
references and results of our tests.

Please direct any questions or concerns to SNF staff members.

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