left hot pot (gold contaminated 9:1 Sulfuric acid : hydrogen peroxide) out of order for a few hours

Christophe Duchateau cduchat at stanford.edu
Wed May 23 17:36:32 PDT 2012


One of my wafers broke in the gold contaminated left hot pot of wbsilicide.

I need this bath to cool down before being able to drain it, rinse... then remove the piece of wafer, and pour new chemicals for the next user.

As it will take quite a long time, I will come back later tonight to proceed, since then, please don't use the left hot pot (the rest of the wet bench can be used normally).

I put also a comment on coral immediately, and will shoot you another mail when everything will be done.

Sorry about that.

Christophe Duchateau (cduchat)

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