Temperature controlled ultrasonic bathtub

Evan Thrush ethrush at stanford.edu
Fri Apr 12 11:44:00 PDT 2002

Hello fellow wbgaassol users,

Are you tired of waiting hours, even days to strip photoresist from your 
wafer after dry etching with the plasma quest?  Are you tired of waiting 
hours to perform liftoff metalization?  I am pretty tired of it and I think 
there are some pretty simple modifications to the bench that will make our 
lives much easier.  Many months ago, SNF purchased a nice temperature 
controlled untrasonic bathtub for this bench.  It has not been available to 
us because SNF staff wants to make modifications to the bench for the safe 
instillation of the bathtub.  Not much has been done towards the 
instillation for several months.  I think I have got the ball rolling again 
on the instillation and supposedly the instillation will be complete in 
several weeks.  It is important for users of the bench to let SNF staff 
know how much this modification will be valued, so that they will complete 
the task in a timely manner and also feel like their hard work is valued.

Anyway, I plan on using this tube to strip photoresist with 1165 
remover.  The temperature controlled bath will be a huge benefit when 
compared to the difficult to use analog hot plates that are currently at 
the bench.  I frankly feel that the analog hot plate are dangerous because 
the temperature is difficult to control.  It is important to not allow the 
temperature of the removing solvent not to exceed the flashpoint, which for 
1165 is 85 C.  I plan on heating the solvent up to about 60 C and this 
combined with ultrasonic vibration will expedite the removal of the resist.

Thanks you for your time and I look forward to hearing feedback on this new 
processing improvement,



Evan Thrush
Stanford University; E.E. PhD Candidate
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