clean up after yourself!!

Alissa M. Fitzgerald amf at
Fri Jul 8 22:40:48 PDT 2005

Hello all,

I came in at 10:15pm Friday night and found wbsolvent
in complete disarray.  There were droplets everywhere,
soiled wipes blowing around, a big beaker filled with
liquid and an empty cassette (the tag said 'water'
owned by harshal, but hard to tell if it was his
because so many other beakers are there), and two
empty beakers that looked dirty.  Not to mention the
transfer cart was sitting next to the bench with a
bottle of acetone and isopropanol in it, and no one
around to claim ownership.

Please clean up after yourself!!  I was very annoyed
that I had to clean up your mess so I had enough room
to do my work.


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