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Mon Jul 27 19:12:26 PDT 2009

Hello Arash,
If you get the method to make a .mat file containing the correct n and  
k values,
Please share the method with us.
I am working on Hafnium / Hafnium oxide.
It would be very useful that people can have access to correct files.

Thank you

Quoting Arash Hazeghi <ahazeghi at>:

> Greetings Woollam users,
> I am trying to measure a thin Alumina ALD layer on SiO2 and I want   
> to make a .mat file containing the correct n and k vs wavelength   
> values (the values in Al203.mat file appear to be extrapolated and   
> may not be accurate). Does anyone know how I can generate a .mat   
> file which is readable by woollam? Also I'd like to have a VASE   
> script to take several readings from an area of the sample and take   
> the average, does anyone know how to so this?
> I appreciate your help
> Thanks,
> Arash

Thanking you,

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