Woollam Insufficient Intensity Error

Ed Myers edmyers at stanford.edu
Mon Dec 3 14:40:58 PST 2012


Today I was resolving the Insufficient Intensity Error problem with the 
Woollam.  There are a couple of points I want to reinforce at this time.

1) During the training it was emphasized to Never recalibrate the 
system.  If you see this error it is most often happens when you are 
doing a lot of wafer mapping.  There is a counter in the VASE Manager 
that calls for a calibration after a 100 or so measurements.  If you 
encounter this request, simply close and reopen the VASE manager 
software.  This resets the counter and you can continue on with the 
measurements.  What happens if you do recalibrate the system?  More than 
likely you have just adjusted the hardware/software and all further 
measurements are false.

If you can not get out the recalibration request, contact a staff 
member.  This is a much better approach than setting the system up to 
give all your lab mates bad measurements.

2) I could not determine the initial cause of the Insufficient Intensity 
Error.  What I did find out, is someone made some mechanical adjustments 
on the system.  This was not a simple turning of a knob by mistake, it 
was going and finding a wrench to make the adjustments.  As with any 
tool within the SNF facility, this is against all rules and is not 

We do have one lab member who leaves the Woollam with the system 
adjusted (software) for a different sample thickness.  I will talk to 
this lab member to find out why this happens and to make sure they do 
not leave it in this state when they have completed their measurement.  
According to Coral history, this person did not use the Woollam during 
the latest event.

I will also had the procedure (all software) in the comments section in 
Coral on how to recover from the error caused incorrect sample thickness.


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