Fwd: Xactix Xetch info requested

Ed Myers edmyers at stanford.edu
Mon Nov 17 13:25:35 PST 2008


Xactix has been very helpful with the purchase and support of our 
system.  Now is your chance to be a good citizen and give 
back.  Please help John and Xactic by providing them with any 
non-confidential work you can share.


>Delivered-To: edmyers at stanford.edu
>Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2008 14:03:27 -0500
>From: John Neumann <johnn at xactix.com>
>Subject: Xactix Xetch info needed
>To: Ed Myers <edmyers at stanford.edu>
>Organization: XACTIX, Inc.
>X-Mailer: GoldMine [6.00.40703]
>Hi Ed,
>    Dave Springer gave me your name as the person who is in charge 
> of the Xetch
>At Stanford, and who would know the users.  I've been put in charge of
>gathering papers, photos, etc. relating to things people have been doing with
>our machines to put on the Xactix web site, and was wondering if there was
>anything you would be willing to share that's not proprietary or covered by
>copyright. I believe that you're the right person to contact, but if you're
>not, would you please point me to someone who is an Xetch user.
>Thanks in advance,
>John Neumann
>John Neumann, Ph.D.
>Process Engineering Manager
>Xactix, Inc.
>2403 Sidney St.
>Suite 300
>Pittsburgh PA 15203
>FAX 412-381-1136

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