could someone please run two short test etches for me?

Alex Neuhausen alexneu at
Fri Dec 3 14:34:38 PST 2010

Hi Xactix users,
I want to try using XeF2 to etch a thin layer of PECVD oxide on top of a
gold layer. I've been using the MRC etcher, but it ends up contaminating and
sputtering away some of the underlying gold at the end of the etch. My
features are small enough that wet etching isn't an option either.

While XeF2 very slowly etches silicon dioxide, electron and ion beam
excitation have been shown to substantially enhance the etch rate.

I want to see if I get a similar effect from placing a small UV lamp on top
of the Xactix etcher. Could someone please run two short etches for me to
test this?

If you don't have time to run these but are planning to use the machine in
the next few days, please let me know if I can shadow your session.
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