Latest Results and Applications using XeF2 etching.

Ed Myers edmyers at
Tue Feb 23 13:30:54 PST 2010

A reminder for tomorrow's XeF2 discussion

>Xactix, the manufacture of our XeF2 etch system will be on campus 
>Wed. Feb. 24th.  If you have any interest in the latest developments 
>in XeF2 etching please join us.
>Latest Research Results and Applications using XeF2 etching.
>David Springer and Kyle Lebouitz, XACTIX, Inc.
>Wednesday February 24, 10:00am to 12 noon:
>Room: CIS101
>This seminar will be divided into two parts. The first hour will be a
>presentation by David Springer, President of XACTIX, Inc. on the latest
>research results and examples of etching using XeF2 gas for multiple
>applications. In the second hour we will be joined by Kyle Lebouitz, XACTIX's
>CTO, for users to have a chance to discuss particular ideas, issues, problems
>with their use of the XACTIX XeF2 etcher in the fab.
>XeF2 etches Si, Ge, Mo and SiGe very selectively to most semiconductor
>materials. For example selectivities of over 1000:1 can be archived to films
>such as SiO2, and SiN with zero attack on almost all other materials 
>Al, PZT, AlN, photoresist, etc. XeF2 can also be used to etch transitional
>metals such as W, Ti, Ta, TiN and TaN, or conditions can be set to preserve
>these materials when etching silicon. Areas where XeF2 etching can 
>show benefit
>include releasing MEMS, increasing die strength after dicing, 
>removing barmier
>layers for metal deposition, removing silicon for failure analysis, removing
>silicon to expose the back of side of sensor circuits to enhance signal
>strength as well as other non semiconductor applications which 
>require removing
>transitional metals.
>If you have any questions, please contact Ed Myers

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