Society and Ethical Issues


The NNIN SEI program is committed to the research and understanding of the broader implications of nanotechnology. At SNF, these encompass not only the impact of new technologies on society at large, but also the ethical responsibilities of researchers who make these developments possible.

Prof. Robert McGinn manages the SEI program at SNF. As Director of the Science, Technology, and Society program in the School of Engineering, his current research focuses on ethical issues presented by new technologies ranging from embryonic stem cells to nanotechnology. His NNIN research* involves mapping how researchers across the NNIN viewed their own ethical responsibilities as related to their work.

Labmembers and SEI: SNF labmembers can contribute towards NNIN efforts in SEI by offering their insights into the issues at forefront of nanotechnology. Please be aware that as a labmember you may be solicited to participate SEI research projects typically involving a survey or personal interview. The NNIN SEI coordinators will ensure these projects are relevant to NNIN objectives and meet appropriate ethical standards. Participation is voluntary; know that you are helping to advance knowledge on social and ethical issues and to ensure that NNIN remains a leader in nanotechnology innovation.

If you have any questions, please contact NNIN's Director, Prof. Roger T. Howe or NNIN's SEI Coodinator, Dr. Katherine McComas

*R. McGinn, "Ethics and Nanotechnology: Views of Nanotechnology Researchers." Nanoethics (2008) 2:101-131.