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Faculty using SNF

A partial listing of Stanford faculty whose researchers have made use of SNF (in alphabetical order):

Bao, Zhenan

Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering
Polymer and organic electronics and photonics

Barron, Annelise E.
Associate Professor, Bioengineering
Molecular bioengineering for medicine and biotechnology

Boxer, Steven G
Camille and Henry Dreyfus Professor in Chemistry
Structure and function of biological systems

Brongersma, Mark L.
Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Nanoscale electronic, photonic materials and devices

Butts Pauly, Kim
Professor of Radiology
Magnetic resonance imaging technologies and applications

Cabrera, Blas
Professor of Physics
Cryogenic dark matter search

Chang, Fu-Kuo
Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Structural health monitoring, design of integrated structures, smart structures, design and damage tolerance of composites structures, multi-functional materials

Cui, Yi
Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Nanomaterials science and engineering: nanowire synthesis, nanostructure transistors, memory devices, energy conversion, electrochemical probe microscopy

Dai, Hongjie
J.G. Jackson and C.J. Wood Professor of Chemistry
Carbon nanotube chemistry and physics, molecular electronics, semiconducting nanowires, surface science and functionalization

Davis, Ronald

Professor of Biochemistry, Professor of Genetics
Director, Stanford Genome Technology Center
Whole genome analysis technology

Goodson, Kennth E.

Professor and Vice-Chair Mechanical Engineering
Heat transfer and energy conversion in nanoscale semiconductor devices, phase change memory, microfluidic heat sinks, and renewable-energy related technologies

Harris, James S.

James and Ellenor Chesebrough Professor of Electrical Engineering
Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) and nanolithography for unique compound semiconductor devices

Hesselink, Lambertus
Professor of Electrical Engineering
Fundamental processes related to laser-matter interaction with novel applications in photonics and nano technology

Howe, Roger T.
William E. Ayer Professor of Electrical Engineering, Faculty Director of SNF
Surface-science and engineering of microstructural materials, coatings, and processes to enhance the capabilities and performance of micro and nanoelectromechanical systems

Jaramillo, Thomas F.
Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering
Electrocatalysis for energy production, photoelectrochemical energy conversion

Kenny, Thomas W.
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Micromechanical structures for accelerometers, infrared detectors, and force-sensing cantilevers, integrated packaging, inertial navigation, fundamental force measurements, experiments on bio-molecules, device cooling, bio-analytical instruments, and small robots

Khuri-Yakub, Butrus (Pierre) T.
Professor of Electrical Engineering
Capacitive micromachined ultrasound transducers, ultrasonic imaging and therapeutics, micromachined chemical/biological sensors, microfluidics and lab-on-chip

McGehee, Michael D.
Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Director of the Center for Advanced Molecular Photovoltaics
Organic electronics, patterning materials at the nanometer length scale and developing materials for renewable energy and sustainability applications

Mcintyre, Paul C.
Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Nanostructured inorganic materials for electronics, energy and sensors: metal oxide/semiconductor interfaces, ultrathin high-k dielectrics, defects in complex metal oxide thin films, nanostructured Si-Ge single crystals

Miller, David A.B.
W.M. Keck Foundation Professor of Electrical Engineering
Optoelectronic materials, devices, and systems, work on ultrafast all-optical switches, optical interconnects, high-speed optical A/D converters, optical sensing, and optoelectronic devices

Mitra, Subhasish
Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Robust system design, VLSI design, CAD, validation and test, computer architecture and design for emerging nanotechnologies

Moler, Kathryn Ann
Associate Professor of Applied Physics and Physics, Faculty Director of the Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology
Magnetic nanoprobes for fundamental experiments in condensed matter physics

Nishi, Yoshio
Professor of Electrical Engineering, Director of the Center for Integrated Systems
Metal gate work function science and engineering, high mobility channel and transport, nanowire based memory, resistance change memory, vertical MOS devices, bio FETs, solar cells and dye sensitization

Pease, R. Fabian W.
William Ayer Professor of Electrical Engineering
Multi-axis electron beam lithography, surface characterization of negative electron affinity photocathodes, photonic a/d converters, lamellar crystallization of silicon for 3d ICs, shot noise in electron/ion beam lithography

Peumans, Peter
Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering
Organic solar cells, solar textile, photonic media for thermophotovoltaic and solar thermal systems, photon transport engineering, transparent conductors, expandable silicon, curved photovoltaic silicon retinal implants

Plummer, James D.
Frederick Emmons Terman Professor of Engineering, Dean of the School of Engineering
Vertical transistor development, silicon/germanium device development, semiconductor device process modeling

Prinz, Friedrich B. (Fritz)
Rodney H. Adams Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Chairman of the Department of Mechanical Engineering
Mass transport phenomena across thin membranes such as oxide films and lipid bi-layers

Pruitt, Beth
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Microfabricated sensors and systems, mechanics in small scale systems, development of novel processes and devices for measuring nanoscale mechanical behavior

Saraswat, Krishna
Rickey/ Nielsen Professor of Electrical Engineering
Scaling MOS transistors, 3-D ICs with multiple layers of heterogeneous devices, metal and optical interconnections, ultrathin MOS gate dielectrics, tools and methodology for simulation of etching, environmentally benign semiconductor manufacturing

Solgaard, Olav
Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering
Micro-optical and nano-optical devices that combine MEMS, photonic crystals, integrated optics, and free-space optics

Stohr, Joachim
Professor of Photon Science
Liquid crystal alignment, magnetic exchange bias, ultrafast switching, spin injection

Vuckovic, Jelena
Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering
Quantum and nanoscale photonics

Wang, Shan X.
Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Magnetic nanotechnology, biosensors, spintronics, integrated inductors and information storage

Wong, H.-S. Philip
Professor of Electrical Engineering
Nanoscale science and technology, semiconductor technology, solid state devices, and electronic imaging by exploring new materials, novel fabrication techniques, and novel device concepts for future nanoelectronic systems

Yamamoto, Yoshihisa
Professor of Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering
Quantum dynamics in semiconductor nanoscale systems using ultrafast optical spectroscopy with semiconductor microcavities with artificial atoms (quantum dots or impurities) at low temperatures and high magnetic fields

Zare, Richard N.
Marguerite Blake Wilbur Professor of Chemistry
Reaction dynamics, capillary electrophoresis, mass spectrometry, microfluidics, absorption spectroscopy and supercritical fluidics

Zheng, Xiaolin
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Interfacing nano-scale science and technology, biology and energy conversion: synthesis and assembly of functional nanomaterials, elucidation of their fundamental properties