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Furnaces, Forming Gas Anneal (FGA), tylanfga and fga2

SNF has two forming gas anneal furnaces; one for semi-clean work (tylanfga) and one for contaminated work (fga2). Forming gas is used to anneal or sinter metals after deposition. Both furnaces have low temp controllers with an operating range of about 300-600C. The furnaces are different enough to require separate training.

Tylanfga, semi-clean

Operation of tylanfga is very similar to the operation of tylan1-4.

Tylanfga, semi-clean - Read More…

Fga2, contaminated

Fga2 is a totally manual furnace which requires a lot of quartzware handling by the labmember. The furnace can accommodate 6 inch wafers as well as pieces.

Fga2, contaminated - Read More…

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