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AFM2, afm2

Digital Instruments AFM Nanoscope Dimension 3000: * Atomic Force and scanning tunneling scanning modes: contact, tapping, non-contact, liftmode, force modulation, lateral force microscopy, magnetic force microscopy, phase imaging, scanning capacitance, lithography, electric force micrscopy * Integrated top-view color video optics with motorized zoom and 1.5 m optical resolution * X-Y stage that provides substantially better positioning repeatability - 3m unidirectional and 4-6m bidirectional * Little or no sample preparation for increased productivity * Easily changes among all AFM/STM scanning modes/techniques without tools

Picture and Location

 The tool is located at BC23 on the Lab Map.



Prohibited Actions

By accepting the right to enable the machine, you agree to understand the following items, to avoid performing them, and to abide by the penalties associated with them.


These rules must be followed or your machine access is in jeopardy.

  • Do not unplug the cables leading from the head to the rest of the AFM assembly.
  • Do not shut down the tool improperly. You must not leave the software running; you must not leave the 3 monitors, light source, or crosshairs on when finished; and you must not leave any mechanical components in an unacceptable or dangerous state.
  • Do not leave any images on the computer long-term (1+ month).


These rules must be followed or your lab access is in jeopardy.

  • Do not crash the head assembly into the sample surface. It will mechanically destroy a shaft in the head that is irreplaceable.


Process Capabilities

Cleanliness Standard

Afm2 appears in all three equipment groups (clean, semiclean, and gold).


Contact List

Contact SNF training contact on the Equipment Summary page to register for a training session.


Training to Become a Tool User

Upon completion of training, all users are expected to be available to administer two 1-on-1 trainings themselves*.

There are 4 steps to complete training on the AFM.

  1. First, read all documentation on the website pertaining to the tool.
  2. Second, you must complete a 1-on-1 training with a user assigned to you by a tool superuser or SNF staff, fill out the form associated with a 1-on-1 training (linked here), and submit 1 imaged surface plus 1 "oscilloscope scan" (trace/retrace plot using single line) of height/phase made during this training.
    • You must bring AFM tips of your own to this training (tapping mode recommended; purchasable from the SNF stockroom).
    • You should coordinate with your 1-on-1 trainer who brings pointy tweezers (SNF stockroom) and a SNF-compatible sample or dummy chip to train on---you as the trainee are responsible if your trainer doesn't have excess resources he can share.
    • You as the trainee are responsible for ensuring the 2 required images are saved where you can access them. Bring a memory stick or plan on returning with one. You must extract and submit these images before the staff/superusers can proceed with your final training.
  3. Third, you must complete a final sign-off performed by an approved superuser or staff member. In this sign-off, you will be expected to operate the tool without prompting from the person performing the sign-off. You will be asked a few questions that you must answer correctly, as well. If you fail this sign-off, you must finish an additional task decided at the discretion of the trainer. You might be required to (a) ask for help from a co-worker to make a new image to submit, (b) practice with a superuser the part of machine operation you missed, or (c) complete another full 1-on-1 training.
  4. After the previous steps, you will be given the ability to enable the machine. Your fourth task is to submit 1 image and 1 oscilloscope scan to demonstrate your ability to run the tool within 1 week of being able to enable the machine. If this is not done, your machine access will be revoked.


*Upon request from SNF staff or a tool superuser to perform a 1-on-1 training, you have 1 week to finish the training or it will not count towards your quota. One training can be deferred, but the subsequent training request must be completed or your tool access will be revoked. Being available for trainings beyond the initial two is extremely appreciated, but not mandatory.


Operating Procedures

Please see the afm operation guide.

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