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Beam Tools

Equipment pages for Stanford Nanofabrication Facilities Electron Beam Technology Group.

Hummer V Sputter Coater: hummer

The Technics Hummer V is a manually controlled table top sputter system used for depositing a conductive coating for visualizing SEM samples. The sputter deposition process is typically more uniform and reproducible, and yields more adherent films with finer grains than in comparable evaporation systems. Currently we have installed a new Palladium (Pd) Target into this system which will deposit very fine grained thin film coatings that are not easily resolved in the Hitachi SEM's. Can also be employed for excellent reduction of sample surface charging on insulating substrates for Electron Beam Lithography. This is not a thick film sputter coater and should not be employed for depositions greater than 1000 Angstroms.

Hummer V Sputter Coater: hummer - Read More…

Raith 150 Ebeam Writer: RAITH

State-of-the-Art High Resolution Low Voltage Electron Beam Lithography and Metrology tool. Suitable for the research and development of Nanolithographic structures for micro and nano-Electronic, MEMS, Photonic, Plasmonic, and Integrated Optical Devices. * Direct Write E-beam exposure for chips and wafers to 150 mm diameter. * Ultimate resolution specified to 20 nm guaranteed with sub-10 - 15 nm features possible. * Accurate Write Field to Write Field Stitching and Layer 1 to Layer 2 Overlay specified to <40 nm with sub-20 nm typical. (mean + 3sigma values) * Ultra high resolution, low voltage SEM inspection with Ultra-high efficiency SE detectors with both In-lens and normal SE detection mode. *Laser Interferometer Stage w/ 2 nm resolution integrated to an advanced sample navigation and metrology software package. *Operates between 0.3 and 30 keV with user selectable Apertures to control Beam Current. * 10 MHz ELPHY PLUS FE pattern generator. * NanoPECS Proximity Effect Correction Software. *Digital SEM imaging with 1 - 2 nm resolution at most acceleration voltages.

Raith 150 Ebeam Writer: RAITH - Read More…

Hitachi S4160 SEM: sem4160

6 inch full wafer system for in-process inspection and metrology of photoresist, e-beam resist, and nanolithographic structures. * Field emission gun with resolution to ~35 angstoms typical. * On-board CD measurement and metrology functions.

Hitachi S4160 SEM: sem4160 - Read More…

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