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Prometrix OmniMap RS35c, prometrix
The Prometrix OmniMap Model RS35e Resistivity Mapping System collects and analyzes sheet resistance data on various conductive layers such as implants, diffusions, epi, metals and bulk substrates. The system provides accurate and repeatable sheet resistance measurements from 5 m ohm/sq to 5 M ohm/sq on 2-inch ( 50mm) to 8-inch (200mm) wafers. The OmniMap measures up to 1264 sites per wafer using standard or user-defined patterns, and displays test results in the form of contour maps, 3-D maps, diameter scans, and die maps.
49 point wafer mapping
Matlab script for visualizing 49 point measurements.
Image Example Figure: 49 point wafer map
File Matlab File: 49 point wafer mapping

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