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Motic Images Plus 2.0

Instructions for Optical Microscope Image Capture

 using Motic Images Plus 2.0


If you need to restart the computer, please contact SNF staff.



  1. Double click on image capture application Motic Images Plus 2.0


  1. Press Ctrl-m to open the capture window.


  1. A choice of resolutions will be available from 320 x 240 up to 1280 x 1024 for capture and viewing. (Note: a higher preview setting may slow the monitor response.)


  1. Adjust color and brightness or use Auto exposure


  1. Press Capture. (Image will appear in the gallery of the Motic Images program)


  1. Minimize or close capture window.


  1. Click on captured image.


  1. Once captured image is large window, it can be saved as a jpg, bmp, or tif. (file, save as)


  1. You can transfer your image files via a USB thumbdrive.


  1. Please remove files from computer as soon as you can. Old files may be removed by staff at any time.


  1. Turn monitor off and microscope light off when done.


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