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Prometrix OmniMap RS35c, prometrix

The Prometrix OmniMap Model RS35e Resistivity Mapping System collects and analyzes sheet resistance data on various conductive layers such as implants, diffusions, epi, metals and bulk substrates. The system provides accurate and repeatable sheet resistance measurements from 5 m ohm/sq to 5 M ohm/sq on 2-inch ( 50mm) to 8-inch (200mm) wafers. The OmniMap measures up to 1264 sites per wafer using standard or user-defined patterns, and displays test results in the form of contour maps, 3-D maps, diameter scans, and die maps.

Picture and Location


This tool is located at A56 on the Lab Map:



Process Capabilities

Cleanliness Standard

 The prometrix appears in all three equipment groups (clean, semiclean, and gold), there is a probe head for materials in each equipment group.


How to Become a User

  1. Read all material on the SNF website concerning the Prometrix.
  2. Contact SNF training contact on the Equipment Summary page.


Operating Procedures


  1. Enable prometrix

All units (tester, monitor and computer) should be "ON" and the CRT will display the INTRO screen with eight key guide boxes at the bottom, these correspond to keyboard keys F1 - F8. Check the tester unit display for faults, do not use if faults are indicated.

Probe Check:

Make sure nothing sits on top of the tester door!

    This leads us to our test options as well as opens the tester and raises the stage. Check the stage to make sure that the white pins are set to the size of the wafer sample to be tested. The 4-point probe should be checked at this time to make sure that the proper one is mounted.
    probe "type C" is for bare silicon and non-metal films, clean equipment group
    Preferred: Med Dose 1E14 to  5E 12 ions/cm2 /Med Rs 1 to 100 ohms-cm

    probe "type B" is for aluminum or blanket metals, semi-clean equipment group
    Preferred: High Dose >1E14 ions/cm2 /Low Rs <10 ohms-cm

    probe "type A" is for wafers in the gold contaminated equipment group
    Preferred: Metals

    Probe "type B " is the default probe!
    Probe "type C " or "type A" should not be left in the system when your work is done. To check the probe push Change Probe key. This will lower the stage and extend the probe head arm out to where the probe can be accessed. The probe ID# will be displayed on the screen. If a probe change is necessary, use an appropriate size Allen wrench to loosen and remove the single mounting screw (the Allen wrench is kept in the front Tester Unit compartment). The probe can then be easily disconnected by pulling straight up, thus disconnecting it from the four-pin connector. To install the probe make sure the connector pins are lined up and that the mounting screw is tightened.
    Select Update key.
    Select Main Menu to get back to the Folder Select screen.

Wafer and Measurement Setup

  1. From the FOLDER SELECT screen select the appropriate DRAWER and FOLDER.
    Use the left/right arrow keys to switch from DRAWER to FOLDER and the up/down arrow keys to select from the menu.
  2. Push the COLLECT NEW DATA key.
    In this screen you may navigate through the various WAFER SETUP and TEST SETUP fields by suing the arrow keys and the PAGE UP/DOWN keys. Enter in the appropriate ID information and Test Setup parameters. The default settings are sufficient to perform a measurement.
  3. Load the wafer onto the stage using the guide pins to align the wafer into the center, flat should face the front.
  4. Push the LOAD WAFER key to begin wafer measurement.
    The wafer will be lowered into the tester and automatically measured. Standby until the tester indicates BEGINNING TESTING. If an error indicating Voltage Target out of range is halting the measurement, hit any key to clear the error then resume the measurement by pushing the TEST WAFER key.
    After the measurement is completed you may perform another measurement by pushing NEW TEST, this will essentially get you back to step 4 to setup the WAFER and TEST SETUP fields.

Printing and Viewing Data

After the measurement is completed you may view the resulting data and statistics by using the navigation keys. General statistics are automatically displayed when the measurement is completed.

  1. To view the point by point data in greater detail select the FOLDER DIRECTORY key to view the complete data file. Wafer maps may be obtained for viewing for 49-point or greater (than 49) measurements. Printouts can be obtained by selecting the PRINT key when viewing your data. Please note that only text data (tables and statistics) may be printed, contour and 3-D maps will not print!


  1. Remove your wafer from the stage.
  2. Make sure that Probe "type B " , semi-clean is installed refer to the appropriate section above.
  3. Folder Select = F8
  4. Intro = F8
  5. Press PUT STAGE DN = F5 to put stage in down position with door closed.
    (NEVER press TURN DEMO ON!)
  6. Remove printouts from printer.
  7. Report problems and notify the responsible people of any machine problems.
  8. Disable prometrix.


Process Monitoring and Machine Qualification

Tool Qualification Run



 Measure test wafer before each run.


 Quick Test
9 points
Wafer Diam 100 mm
Test Diam 80 mm


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