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Wet Bench Nonmetal

Wet Bench Nonmetal, wbnonmetal

The Wet Bench Nonmetal (semi-automated) is part of the Clean Equipment Group for 3", 4", and 6" Si, SiGe, and quartz substrates and is primarily used for stripping photoresist, removing scribe dust and wet oxide etching. Wafers may not contain or have ever contained any metals, nor been exposed to equipment which may pose this contamination risk. This station contains two hot pots and three Teflon tanks, in addition to two automatic dump rinsers and two spin/rinse dryers. The available chemical baths are: 90% sulfuric acid/hydrogen peroxide ("piranha"), for stripping resist and removing scribe dust (two hot pots), 50:1 HF, 20:1 BOE, and 6:1 BOE for etching oxide.

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