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Woollam Wafer Mapping Instructions (VASE Manager Program)

Brief set of instruction for mapping common films using pre-programed recipes.
  • Enable the Woollam on Coral 
  • Turn ON the ignition lamp in the lower left panel
  •  Select the M2000 user and enter the Password
  •  Place wafer on the movable stage
  •  Double click the VASE Manager Icon on the desktop
  •  Enter the password
  •  In the Measurement screen (Figure 1) choose desired project and recipe
Measurement screen


Figure 1

  •  Enter description
  •  Click MEASURE
  •  System will initialize and prompt VASE Manager message window
  •  Click OK
  •  System will self-align and scan all programed points
  •  Once finished, user is able to toggle between Data screen and Graph (Figures 2 and 3)
Data Screen


Figure 2


Graph screen


Figure 3


  • The data or any of the charts can be saved to your USB drive
  • Copy data to clipboard in order to save into excell or word
  • Paste the data in either Excel or Word and save the file to your USB drive
  •  When finished, close VASE Manager (do not log off)
  •  Click "OK"
  • Turn off the lamp by depressing the Lamp Power button TWICE
  • Disable Woollam on Coral

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