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Plasma TiN

Data for plasma TiN collected at SNF.

Fiji1 vs. Fiji2 TiN Characterization

Thanks to Max Shulaker and Kye Okabe for the data in their EE412 Presentation and Report

from Spring Quarter 2014.


Plasma TiN Deposition rate of 0.4A/cycle for standard recipe

We have measured conductivities in the range of 15-20microohm-cm for TiN and Auger Electron Spectroscopy shows no oxygen present in the film.
AFM measurements of 20nm TiN films shows a roughness of .2nm, which is on the order of a polish Si wafer.

Furnished by Dr. J Provine and WooShik Jung:  In May and June of 2012, we ran several plasmaTiN measurements on fiji1.  All measurements for resistivity were in the range of 10-20uOhm*cm.  Wooshik got the record measurement with 6uOhm*cm at the same time.  The dep rate came out closer to .6-.7 A/cycle as measured by XRD.

A big thank you to Joanie Ouyang for the following data from Fiji2 collected Jan 2013: TiN Data from Fiji2 Jan 2013

Thanks to Dr. J Provine and WooShik Jung for the TiN Roughness data from SNF Fiji1 collected 08/11: TiN Roughness Data from SNF Fiji1 8/11


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