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Thermal TiO2 from Water

TiO2 data from SNF

This data was collected on the Savannah.

TiO2 Deposition rate of .38A/cycle for standard recipe

(Thanks to Jason Lin for his help with data collection.)

titania deposition rate in savannah

The deposition rate at 200C has a strong linear fit for .38A/cycle.

tio2 process monitoring 2011-09

The monthly quality monitoring of TiO2 in the Savannah.

tio2 temperature dependence

Temperature dependence of deposition rate for TiO2.

tio2 xps data

XPS evaluation of the composition of titania films indicates a Ti:O ration of approximately 1:3.

tio2 afm measurement

AFM analysis of sample with 200 cycles of titania deposited at 200C.  The roughness of the film is on the order of twice that of a polished Si wafer.

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