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Thermal Alumina from Water

Data for thermal alumina ALD using trimethylaluminum and water as precursors


Al2ODeposition rate of 1.0A/cycle for standard recipe

(Thanks to Rebecca Schuster, Gaurav Thareja, Alice Wu, Shimeng Yu, and Ju Hyung Nam for their help with data collection.)

A. alumina thickness plot

B. autumn al2o3 deposition rate test

The deposition plot A is from the summer of 2010 and showed a deposition rate of almost 1.1A/cycle.  The deposition plot B is from Autumn 2010 and shows a deposition rate of 1.0A/cycle.  The deposition rate is being tracked by process monitoring shown below.

Al2O3 Process Monitoring

al2o3 cv

The CV measurements were done with capacitors with area of 100um x 100um and there is a strong effect from forming gas anneal.  The MOSCAPs were Al2O3 deposited on Si with a sputtered Al upper electrode (defined by wet etch) and a 325C 30min FGA.  Additionally, from CV curves the dielectric constant can be determined to be ~6.75.

The deposition rate has a weak dependence on chamber temperature.

al2o3 dep rate temperature dependence

Breakdown Voltage of Al2O3 ALD films.

al2o3 breakdown voltage

Leakage Current in Al2O3 ALD films.

al2o3 leakage current

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