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Thermal HfO2 from Water

Data collected for HfO2 at SNF

Data collected from Savannah:

HfO2 Deposition rate of .99A/cycle for standard recipe

(Thanks to Woo-Shik Jung and  for his help with data collection.)

hafnia deposition rate

Deposition rate of Hafnia ALD at 200C (note the native oxide of the Si wafer was also tracked and plotted on this graph).


Process monitoring for hafnia on the savannah over time.

Savannah HfO2 Monitors

hfo2 deposition temperature dependence

Temperature dependence of the deposition rate of hafnia.  Note that this dependence is much stronger than observed with alumina and titania.

hfo2 film roughness measurements

AFM measurements of film roughness with variation in deposition temperature.  Little dependence on temperature is observed and the film has a roughness on the order of a polished Si wafer.

hfo2 CV  hfo2 normalized CV

Representative CV and normalized CV for MOS capacitors fabricated with hafnia as the insulator and Al as the metal layer.  The films are treated with a 300C FGA anneal.  From this data we can extract the following material parameters:

Parameter Value
 Dielectric Constant 15 (at 1MHz) 
Doping Concentration  1.5 x 1016 /cm3 
Fixed Charge Density  2.9 x 1012 / cm2 (negative) 

hfo2 breakdown voltage and leakage current

Breakdown voltage and leakage current for Hafnia ALD at various temperatures (with the number of cycles varied to provide ~100A +/- 5A in each case).


The following data is from Fiji1:

Thermal HfO2 Deposition rate of 1.08A/cycle for standard recipe at 200C

fiji-l thermal hafnia dep rate   fiji-l thermal hafnia temp dependence

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