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The Aixtron Black Magic CVD furnace is dedicated to graphene synthesis and can accommodate multiple pieces or a single 4" wafer, with methane and hydrogen available as process gases. Process recipes have been optimized and are available to the user for the following: Cu foil (available from SNF stockroom or provided by the user), Cu-coated substrates, and Ni substrates. The recipes on Cu have been characterized to give excellent monolayer coverage with minimal areas of bilayers and low defectivity. Ni substrates will give multi-monolayer growth.

Black Magic Pro 4” Graphene Furnace Development and Characterization

Various emerging applications (flexible and transparent electronics, chemical sensors, thermal devices, etc.) utilizing graphene are being studied by Stanford researchers spanning multiple departments. With the recent installation of the Aixtron Black Magic Pro (BM Pro) 4” furnace, SNF users now have local access to a source of high quality graphene. In this project, we vary specific growth parameters in an attempt to improve graphene quality as well as establish reproducibility. We present Raman spectroscopy and electrical data which show that even after >100 growths, the BM Pro yields consistently high quality, monolayer graphene.

Black Magic Pro 4” Graphene Furnace Development and Characterization - Read More…

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